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About Lanterns

All our lanterns are handmade in small workshops using centuries old techniques which draw on the Islamic tradition of ornamentation in only two dimensions. They are constructed from glass and mild steel which is cut and pierced and then soldered together. Finally after oxidation they are coated in a protective oil.

Most are a combination of a single colour of patterned glass combined with clear or sandy glass. Some of the more expensive lanterns use Iraqi glass which is un-patterned and has a stronger colour. We sometimes have a few extra lanterns made with this glass but the stock of these is erratic and the prices will be significantly higher. Lanterns can also be made to order but the delivery time will depend on the next shipment date which may be as long as six months.

All can be used with candles and most are suitable for electric light bulbs, the only limitation being size - some are too small to get a bulb in. Generally if you are going to use low energy bulbs we recommend lanterns with sandy glass because it conceals the bulb and helps diffuse the light. Candles and clear bulbs will encourage patterned shadows and dimmer switches can help achieve the perfect atmosphere.

All lanterns have hooks (hoops eyes) however not all are suitable for hanging from a ceiling pendant flex .Generally lamps less than 2 kg would not need additional support, heavier lamps should be reinforced with a chain and possibly a ‘ceiling maestro‘ (see accessories ). We also supply a range of brackets for wall fitting.

Most are not suitable for outside use where they would be exposed to rain, for outdoors we recommend the all steel lamps ( such as Kasba ) which will oxidise after a short time but this will not effect their function.